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10 Most Breathtaking Highways Of The World

Travelling can be the most divine feelings of the world for all those who simply love packing their bags and setting out on tours and expeditions. While there are travelers who book tour packages well in advance and plan their entire trip, there are some who simply put on their backpacks, bring out their two-wheelers or four wheelers and set out to enjoy the beauty of nature and of the road leading to their destination.

There is no other happiness in the world for a true travel freak at heart to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience fun on the wonderful roads the lead to wonderful destinations. In fact, there are a few roads that are so prettier and more beautiful than the picnic spots of the world that you would want to drive on them all your life and wish you never reached your destination. Want to know where these roads are? Read on!

10. Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway

Via: strangesounds.org
Via: strangesounds.org

For all the travel freaks across the world who love experiencing the beauty of roads more than their destination, the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway will satisfy your thirst for nature’s beauty. This amazing and breathtaking road is built by a group of islands that connect beautiful villages to one another. The small stretch on this road, known as Country Road 64, is particularly known for its natural beauty and landscapes. The road is simply a wonderful experience for drivers and travelers and can also offer a glimpse of ocean life to passers including whales and seals.

9. Hana Highway – Maui

Via: bingfotos.blogspot.com
Via: bingfotos.blogspot.com

For all the adventure lovers and admirers of natural beauty, the Hana Highway, located in Maui, is yet another must-visit. This beautiful highway has breathtaking views that would surely offer you peace of mind and a treat to your eyes. This 84-kilometer long highway passes through a lush green tropical rainforest that makes it a live personification of beauty. However, as beautiful as the road appears, it is also tricky and offers a great challenge to drivers since the roads are narrow. In fact, driving on the road will require you to pass through 600 curves, 59 bridges some of which are even single lane and bridges that are more than 100 years old.

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