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45 A-mew-sing Behaviors Our Feline Friends Use To Communicate With Us

5. Yuck

There’s nothing as bad as finding a dead mouse put near your feet. It can ruin your day. Although it’s good that your cat is earning its stay by acting as pest control, seeing that as the first thing in the morning can make you question many things about your cat’s conduct.

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If something like that has happened to you, here’s what you should know — cats learn behaviors like this from their mothers. However, it’s possible that this isn’t a family tradition, but they are perhaps thanking you for taking care of them by offering mice. Or, as cats are wont to do, they are trying to seek attention.

6. My head is facing the wall

Most of you must be familiar with pressing your heads against the walls when frustrated. It seems that cats also have a similar behavioral trait because even they randomly press their heads against the walls. Or, it could be that they saw you doing it and are now copying you.

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If this habit is also followed by unusual sounds that cats don’t often make, it will be best to take your cat to a vet as soon as possible. These could be symptoms of nerve damage that could be caused by anything from trauma to growth, or any number of unknown reasons.

7. Waste burial

Cats are more hygienic than dogs when it comes to potty habits. They are up by a point here because they ensure that they bury their waste in the litter box whenever they go to the toilet. And we don’t get credit for this one — undomesticated cats hide their waste with dirt, too.

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Cats in the wild bury their waste to mask their scent from predators and also to blend in their scent with other cats in the area. If cats don’t hide their waste, now that’s a problem. It could be because they’re sick, anxious, or simply not liking their litter box.

8. Feet protection

If you call yourself a relatively tall person, then there isn’t anything better than having some legroom while you’re sitting. If not, then sitting with your legs up can feel great. But, there you are, enjoying your legroom while your cat suddenly comes and starts pouncing on your feet.

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Actually, there’s not much to say about it. They are only practicing their jumps and attacks, and this trait isn’t aggressive. Cats are always looking to play when they’re bored because most cats are very playful. So, if you want to spare your feet, divert their attention with a squeaky toy.

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