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45 A-mew-sing Behaviors Our Feline Friends Use To Communicate With Us

Like every other living organism, cats have distinctive qualities and traits. But, we all know that there isn’t something called “normal” cat behavior. While some behavioral traits are universal amongst cats, every cat is different. Each cat as their own way of doing things, and cat owners need to learn to speak their pet’s language — meowing, nudging, and scratching are all common behaviors that have any number of meanings. Of course, some of these can be more disruptive than others, but often it is simply a case of the cat being misunderstood. While we do not speak feline, we have noticed some common traits among some of these habits. We are by no means animal behaviorists or veterinarians, so make sure to consult with a specialist if any of the habits are problematic — don’t just take our word for it. But, without further ado, let’s sneak a peek at some curious cat behaviors that are paw-sitively perplexing!

1. Let them sleep

It turns out that there’s a reason why your kitten wants to nap so much, no matter what time it is. The reason is that their bodies release the necessary growth hormones for their development while they sleep. Thus, kitties sleep more than grown cats.

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Cats tend to sleep a lot because they need to save that energy for their upcoming hunt, or any other activity, really. But, just like us, even they fall asleep out of boredom. So, if you want to stop that, play with them!

2. Pica

There’s a condition in cats called Pica — cats tend to chew on non-edible items like plastic and other things. If your cat is tasting everything in your home, you should consider taking it to the vet instead of restricting your fur buddy’s freedom.

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There aren’t any studies stating a concrete reason why this condition occurs, but this behavior could be because of stress or calorific issues. Cats often chew on things that aren’t food because it is a stress buster for them. Sadly, it can harm their digestive system.

3. Avoidance

You are at your home, chilling on the couch. You attempt to cuddle your cat, but they always seem to escape your loving hold. Sadly, you start to wonder what you have done to deserve this kind of treatment from your cat.

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Cats often lift their tails and show you their behind when you try to cuddle them, which might seem rude. But, don’t worry because it isn’t so. Instead, it’s a sign of faith and devotion. By lifting their tails, they’re trying to show you that they’re friendly! It’s weird, but it’s true!

4. Not giving you space

It’s a Friday night, and you’re hanging out with your buddies somewhere outside of your home. You drank a lot (water, beer, or anything that suits you). You come home from that eventful night, and you go to the bathroom, but your cat casually follows you as if they do this every time you use the restroom.

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Well, some studies say that cats tend to follow their owner where they go when they feel vulnerable. Other studies also say that the reason behind this behavior is their curiosity. Cats might be smart enough to know that they’ll get more attention when you’re away from your phone.

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