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10 Of The Most Bizarre Houses In The World

“Home is where the heart is” goes a popular saying! Every time you feel tired, sad or unwell, home is the first place you look forward to head! And, if this home is a bizarre structure, an unusual and an exciting one, who wouldn’t love sitting at home an entire day! If you simply love discovering the most unusual properties and houses across the world, then this list is surely a treat for you. Check out the most stunning houses in the world and some of the most bizarre structures that you won’t believe actually exist and are shelter to people!

10. Space Ship House, Tennessee: Price $119,000


The picture itself makes it clear that the house was built by a true lover and admirer of space technology and spaceships. This bizarre yet amazing structure is a quite well known one across the one and has also featured in magazines, newspapers and TV shows including HGTV. A 2000 square feet house, this fascinating structure rests on six pillars and offers parking space in between. It has a staircase in the front that gives the feel of a staircase that is suspended from a ship. The house, equipped with three bedrooms and two baths, is located in an absolutely scenic area, just beside the Tennessee river.

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