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Billionaire Properties No One Would Live In!


It is the dream of every middle-class man on the planet to spend at least a single day in a huge mansion and live life king size. However impossible that may sound, we all dream of it! But, did you know that there are people on this earth who have actually bought such huge and dream mansions and forgotten about that later? Believe it or not, but there is evidence of multiple such posh houses, bungalows and mansions across the world that belong to the super rich but are lying in shambles and falling apart because they were never adequately taken care of!

Everyone who has visited London in their life or read about the most lavish and posh areas in the city must surely know the Bishops Avenue. Located in the northwest part of London, the Bishops Avenue near Hampstead area is one of the most expensive streets in the world for buying properties. Did that just build up some excitement in you? Well, although this is one of the most expensive streets, the houses here will fill you with disappointment. A live personification of poor maintenance, this street houses some of the largest, huge and beautiful mansions of the world that are now lying in shackles and falling apart since they were never maintained or taken care of.

But, the rates of these properties, however, will take you by surprise. Worth several billion, the rates of these properties, instead of falling down, have gone up immensely. But, their filthy appearance is now spoiling the beauty of the street and also of the neighboring areas.

The street boasts of about 66 empty mansions, out of which, almost six are falling into bits and pieces while some others are going beyond repairs.

11. Bishop of London Owned the Land


This is a huge, beautiful and elegant house standing on the Bishops Avenue which was owned by the Bishop of London in 704. The pretty house is named the Royal Mansion which is still beautiful and stands elegantly. The house was sold off to the Church of England in the year 1894 and, since then, it has changed several hands. Currently, the pretty mansion belongs to a 75-year-old billionaire named Hourieh Peramaa. It is reported that he is currently planning renovations in the house worth $50 million.

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